Frequently Asked Questions

RCA is a civic association. How is that different from a homeowner association (HOA)?

Unlike an HOA, participation in a civic association is strictly voluntary. There are no mandatory fees or covenants regulating what homeowners may or may not do on their property, and it has no enforcement authority. The purpose of Raymondale Civic Association is to provide opportunities for neighbors to get to know each other, build a sense of community, and monitor county policies and actions that may affect the neighborhood.

How does RCA fund activities and events?

RCA hosts an annual dues drive to collect funds from our residents to support our community activites. Dues are voluntary and all residents are welcome at events, regardless of dues status. Dues are $20 and can be paid at anytime.

How does a resident pay their dues?

Dues can be paid online using Zelle, if your bank supports this service. In Zelle, payments can be sent to Dues can also be paid by check by sending a check payable to the Raymondale Civic Association to the RCA Treasurer, 7306 Brad Street, Falls Church, VA 22042. Please include your name and address with your payment.

Additional questions? Please contact the Board.